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We're serious about wholesale coffee

Contact us if you want to serve seriously good coffee to your employees, clients, guests, patrons, congregations, players, shoppers {insert appropriate collective noun}.

To qualify a wholesale account your current or projected volume will need to be at least 20kg per month. If you go through a lot of coffee, but not quite that much, you can order through our online store here – an automatic webstore discount of 10% applies to purchases of 10kg or more of our Heirloom and Coffee Coffee Blends. 


And about serious coffee equipment

Quality coffee deserves to be made with quality equipment. Which is why we also supply top shelf coffee equipment, cleaning products and better brew cheat codes. And we're an approved La Marzocco distributor. So, like yeah you can have it all.

And staff training

Because coffee machines don't run themselves.

So yes, you really get the Swiss Army Knife of coffee wholesale partners when you partner with us and you should seriously contact us or sign up for a wholesale account.

Wholesale Coffee

Equipment Supply

Staff Training

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As roasters we'd long wanted better availability of traceable specialty green in SA. We guessed a lot of other roasters might feel the same way too. So we've built a spot offer list of ready-to-buy green across a diverse range of origins and taste profiles. The list focuses on archetypal examples of origin and process that give any roaster's offer list depth and breadth. Alongside these we have a handful of blend-friendly lots as well as a few competition coffees.​

We sell specialty green coffee in bulk and in smaller 1kg vacuum sealed bags. The And Sons website features the stories of the producers and offers full green coffee traceability.

Father Coffee | Bulk bag
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